Apr 27, 06:07 PM
Newlife has today written to the Chancellor to plead for an emergency grant for our vital services after being excluded from a slice of the government funding allocated to supporting charities through the pandemic.

Despite all our stores currently being closed, we are continuing to operate our vital services to families with disabled and terminally ill children around the UK who are most at risk of the effects of Covid-19.
This includes the UK’s only emergency equipment loan service which provides vital specialist equipment to families in crisis within 72 hours, often enabling children to be discharged from hospital to self-isolate in safety at home, equipment grants and our nurse-led support service. Right now, we have run out of emergency loan beds and without urgent support this service risks grinding to a halt. We need the government’s support, and we need it now.

Because there is a statutory duty to provide this equipment Newlife, as the UK’s largest funder of equipment for disabled children, is also unable to apply to Children In Need or Comic Relief, or other aids mentioned by the chancellor, for funding. But in reality, families turn to Newlife every day in desperation because of delays and cuts to statutory services, whether that be because of red tape or poor planning. Without Newlife, children risk being left living in crisis or even stranded on hospital wards when they could be shielded from Covid-19 at home. We are their lifeline.