Uncoupling Fear and Reclaiming Ourselves with Nirete Llopis

Apr 28, 2020, 02:00 PM
Today on the show we have my long-time sister and creative co-collaborator Nirete Llopis who is a Wisdom Traditions Practitioner.  She uses her experiences in earth-based wisdom to help empower and heal others’ connections between themselves and the natural world.

Nirete has a special gift of recognizing and assisting the bridge between us and our indigenous elders who have so much to share and teach. She is brave, authentic and a powerful remembrance of honoring the changes around us.  Today we drop in about her work on Uncoupling fear and reclaiming ourselves so that we may move forward bravely knowing our roots and blossoming into our unlimited potential. Check it out.

Nirete's Instagram: @yopeacegirl
Nirete's Website:  Nurishing Nature

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