Circus of Books + Vivarium + Why Don't You Just Die!

Apr 29, 2020, 05:00 PM
Given the current *waves hand around to indicate everything*, streaming has quickly become an even more central part of the cinema release calendar. With that in mind, Cinema Eclectica presents its first streaming special, with interweb-based reviews from Rob, Mick and - until his Virgin Media signal collapses - Graham! (Of course this would happen on our streaming episode)

Join the gang for reviews of outrageous Netflix documentary Circus of Books from producer Ryan Murphy, weird suburbia in Lorcan Finnegan's debut Vivarium, and one-location Russian horror-comedy freakout Why Don't You Just Die! There's also a Question of the Week about your favourite Netflix originals, during which the words "Roma" and "Irishman" are honestly mentioned less times than you might expect.

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