When Healthy Eating Goes Too Far

May 04, 04:00 AM
Changing your diet to eating more plant-based foods, or simply adding in more fruit and veg can be healthy lifestyle choices. But if your dietary choices begin to add to your worries and bring about fear of eating out or certain foods, it can actually be quite dangerous. Being too healthy can actually be unhealthy. Often dieting plans and restrictive eating can be short-lived, which may then lead to emotional eating and unhealthy food choices. Others find their way back to the middle of the road. But for many, this so-called 'healthy' way of eating can become an undesired obsession and, at its most extreme, an eating disorder. This week’s Food For Thought guest sees Dr Nikki Stamp; surgeon and author explore when healthy actually becomes unhealthy. For more information, visit Rhitrition.com and Instagram.com/Rhitrition.