SPECIAL EDITION - Ian Mean & Phil Smith reflect on 6 weeks in lockdown

Apr 30, 2020, 11:45 AM
In this special edition episode, Nigel once again hands over the reins to Ian Mean, former Editor of Western Daily Press, who speaks to Phil Smith, Managing Director at Business West, about what a return to work could look like and how government can help soften the blow.

Ian gets Phil's thoughts on:

  • What businesses want to see next from government (0:38).
  • A timeline for a return to work / easing of the lockdown (1:30).
  • PPE and the use of masks in the general workplace (3:17).
  • The role of the LEPs and local authorities (3:48).
  • Lessons learnt during the lockdown (5:25).
  • Extending the Furloughed Workers Scheme (6:50).
  • Reviewing the Treasury and its efforts to help business (7:12).
  • What will be the 'new normal' (7:54).
  •  A positive message for businesses (9:35).
  • Bouncing back from a recession (10:50).

For further guidance and support, or to raise a particular question or concern please visit: www.tradingthroughcoronavirus.co.uk