Thursday, April 30: The Baby Raccoon Saga, Bull Calves Get New Names (On a New Night,) Oreos and the 101-Year-Old Coronavirus Survivor

Apr 30, 2020, 06:30 PM

Chaz and Jennifer shared a story about finding a newborn raccoon in their yard, and the adventure they went on to try to save it. (0:00) 

The animal stories continued as Al and Tracy were on the phone to talk about naming their new bull calves Chaz, AJ and Phil. (12:55) 

Ashley from Long Island was on to talk about the donations she was hoping to make to someone in need in Connecticut. (18:16) 

Lisa from Colchester called in a follow-up for Chaz and AJ, to share how very gracious Mark Hayward from the SBA was in helping her and her boss secure a loan for the business. (22:57) 

Mike called in to share his experience with a dog in need of rescue in Seymour. Fire fighters had to jump in the water, and WTNH did a report on the rescue as well. (36:00)

In Dumb Ass News, a snake is rescued with a flip flop, and a man in Spain tried to break quarantine by taking his goldfish for a walk. (42:56) 

Employment attorney Bob Mitchell was on the phone to answer some frequently asked questions about unemployment, reduced working hours, and how compensation might work. (47:05)

Gary called in to talk about his 101-year-old mother's incredible recovery from Coronavirus, the second pandemic she's survived, and her Oreo preference. (55:14) 

Bill Lee is a manufacturer that employs around 1,100 people and was on with Chaz and AJ to talk about the way he's taking care of the people who work for him. Plus, Magilla was on from Florida to talk about the state's plan to begin opening businesses in some way, starting next week. (1:07:45)