The Phil & Simon Show No 46 Huemann's Right

Apr 30, 06:31 PM

Judy Heumann is an American disability rights activist and seen as a world leader in the disability community. She talks freely with her about her work and life. Geoff Adams-Spink brings us the latest news and Phil and Simon reflect on the new Netflix documentary, Crip Camp featuring Judy.

Netflix has a new documentary called 'Crip Camp' about the birth of the disability rights movement in the USA. Our guest, Judy Heumann, is one of the main protagonists. Judy has spent her adult life developing human rights legislation and policies benefiting children and adults with disabilities. She’s worked at the World Bank and the State Department, and extended the international reach of the independent living movement. She’s a leader in the world we inhabit and a voice worth listening to. 

Geoff Adams-Spink gives us the latest news; more stories of worrying medical approaches to those with disabilities. There’s also yoga for all and some disabled people helping produce the much needed PPE. 

Phil and Simon do a rare thing and get a chance to chat about our reflections on the new Obama produced Netflix documentary, Crip Camp. There’s a ten minute YouTube video of us talking (link below) and you’ll get a glimpse in to how we make the show.

Crip Camp reflections with Phil & Simon on YouTube

Covid lockdown opening up world for people with disabilities

Unprecedented’ number of DNR orders for learning disabilities patients

Disabled workers producing PPE

Judy Heumann 

Judy’s YouTube channel The Heumann Perspective 

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