Fiona Crump - Yellow Dot Women: How we can learn to live with the 'new normal'

May 01, 2020, 11:36 AM
In this episode Nigel talks to renowned counsellor and Founder of Yellow Dot Women Fiona Crump, about how we are processing this new way of living and how we are seeing a merge of our different identities.

Nigel gets Fiona's thoughts on:

  • Why have we all hit a low point in regards to lockdown?  (00:51).
  • How can we cope with sudden feeling of loss of identity? (02:23).
  • How can we separate our work and home lives whilst working from home? (04:23).
  • How important for our physical and mental health is taking a screen break and going outdoors to exercise? (06:15).
  • Summary (11:56).

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