Featuring Euan Maclennan expert on herbs and sustainability

May 01, 2020, 12:21 PM

Janey interviews Euan Maclennan on the power of herbs for increasing immunity and wellbeing

In this episode Janey talks to Euan Maclennan and expert in hetbs and sustainability working with Pukka Hetbs, (many of us know thier amazing range of herbal products and teas)  Euan talks about boosting our immunity naturally using some of the herbs that nature has provided.including how we can 'repair' after drinking too much. 

A reminder that Janey was a guest last week on the Love sober podcast and this week is a guest with Simon Chapple on his youtube channel talking about optimum health and wellbeing when you are ditching the booze and beyond.

How to get (and stay) sober in lockdown
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