Teaching Acting with Juno Rinaldi and Shaun Smyth

May 04, 2020, 11:50 AM
Welcome to Season 2 of the Hamilton Film podcast!  I’m your host Alysha Main.  Every episode explores an exciting role of movie making; from producing, to acting, content creation, to film scoring.  Join me for an intimate conversation with a unique guest connected to the thriving film industry of Hamilton Ontario.  
This season kicks off big, with two award winning actors: Juno Rinaldi currently stars as “Frankie” on the hit CBC show, Workin’ Moms, and has recently released a short film called SUCH A SMALL THING.  Shaun Smyth has performed at nearly every major Theatre across Canada, and in  the US and internationally.  He has appeared in numerous TV series and films, including the ABC show “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland”.  Together they teach acting for the camera at the Hamilton Film Centre.  We talk about the demand for educational opportunities locally, acting tips, and their favourite roles to play.  The conversation begins with Shaun telling us how he & Juno met. 
Since recording this chat in February 2020, the Hamilton Film Centre has temporarily closed down due to COVID-19 restrictions.  You can find more info on Juno and Shaun’s courses and when they will be back up and running at https://www.hamiltonfilmcentre.com/

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