DAMIAN GELLE - Lockdown Interview #1 - TRAILER

May 02, 2020, 09:00 AM

Episode #1 from the Lucky Tips & Lockdown Love series with Mike Parry from Lucky Life Ibiza...

This week, I begin with the first interviews coming from Sydney Australia, Moscow in Russia and Ibiza, and first up, he’s been my mentor, mate, dance floor partner, crack on inspiration and one of my favourite clients to work with over the years, for the very first of the #luckytips and #lockdownlove interviews, I catch up with Mr Damian Gelle.

Stay tuned to Lucky Life and MikeParryIbiza for the full interview coming soon as well as interviews with Invenio Homes Ibiza's Nick Thompson, Armada Music and Interplay Records Alexander Popov, Love Food Ibiza's Tess Prince and many more.