Meet the Manuels: A Family in Lockdown

Episode 4,  May 02, 2020, 04:05 PM

How does a family make the most of a lockdown? The Manuels from Mapusa, answer this million dollar question which may have confronted so many families in Goa during the compulsory stay-at-home period. 

Jeffrey, a well known MC and a former RJ, anchors this podcast and gives us a slice of indoor adventures, which he, along with his wife Livlyn and children Kathy (16), Kian (13) and Kyra (6), indulged in isolation over the last month or so. 

This episode walks the listener through a few hours of the Manuel familia's spell in quarantine, through the daily cacophony of banter and bickering, notes of a cello, poems crafted in duress, grace before a meal and a DIY haircut.