Carbon offsetting: medieval indulgence or the way to Net Zero?

May 04, 12:00 PM
Carbon offsetting refers to the suite of schemes that compensate for the emissions we put out, by making up for them elsewhere. Included in those schemes are so-called 'nature-based solutions' - initiatives designed to protect and transform land, like tree planting. But with offsetting in the news for all the wrong reasons - like Harry and Meghan's private jet-setting lifestyle - is it a medieval indulgence, allowing the rich to absolve their environmental sins; or is it the way to Net Zero, which the government has committed to achieve by 2050? Do nature-based solutions work, and how should their performance be measured?

With Tony Juniper, Head of Natural England, Robert Courts, Conservative MP for Witney, and Harvonne Yap, Global Origination Lead for Environmental Products at Shell, which is sponsoring this podcast.

Presented by Kate Andrews.