Helen O’Donnell – Increasing access to extra-curricular activities

May 06, 2020, 11:10 AM

How Children's University and its partners are working to increase access to extra-curricular activities.

This episode of Children’s University: Live! was recorded before the current coronavirus pandemic. It features Children’s University CEO and Director of Partnerships, Helen O’Donnell, talking about the work of Children’s University and how the organisation and its partners are working to increase access to extra-curricular activities

In particular, Helen explains how Children’s University Online, the organisation’s new digital platform, is best placed to support schools, educators and other stakeholders by collating important data around availability and participation in learning beyond the classroom. In light of the current pandemic and the massive reliance on self-led and home-based activities, this episode is particularly interesting and highlights the importance of organisations like Children’s University.

The content of this episode was originally published in Achievement for All’s Every Child Journal in February. It can be read online here https://www.childrensuniversity.co.uk/media/1210/ecj_p30-34_how-to-increase-access-to-extra-curricular-activities.pdf


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