Episode 51: Roses are red, we're still in lockdown mode, make sure you listen to this new episode

May 06, 07:05 PM
We have another packed episode, a slow start as it has been one of those weeks for both of us but the podcast certainly cheers us up. A massive thank you for all the support and love, you don't realise how much it is helping us during this time!
We have a NEW jingle, a cracking O of the episode, Covidiot of the week, we share a couple of your school-related unpopular opinions, and discuss some of the things that gave you the biggest flex in school. We also have an update from the one and only... Manc Kid.
We hope to bright a little light in the darkness and put a smile on everyone's faces! With a lot of people isolating, we want to spread the podcast far and wide to help everyone. Please share it with a friend, colleague or family members.
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