Monica The Medium, Life Exhaustion, Miscarriage

Nov 21, 2019, 05:00 AM

This week, Kail & Lindsie are in San Diego recording with special guest, Monica The Medium. Monica shares with us how she is able to communicate with "the other side", and how she discovered her gift. She also shares some insight into exposing frauds in the business. Monica helps Lindsie and Kail address some of their hardest struggles with people, and also performs readings on both hosts, talking directly to deceased family members, including Lindsie’s grandfather, and Kail’s great grandmother. Both Kail and Lindsie get perspective on family drama, & Kail gets insight on her mom. Monica also senses a baby energy in the room from both girls, which brings up the conversations of miscarriages & a termination. They talk about the uncertainty of Lindsie wanting to have another & what Monica sees for Kail’s future with children. Kail’s dog Bear makes a surprising communication!