Inhumane LA homeless housing at $700/sq ft (higher than Manhattan luxe) @lee_ohanian @HooverInst

May 08, 02:15 AM
Image: A wood storage shed. Public domain

Lee Ohanian, Hoover, in  re:  The tragic challenge of the homeless.  The cost of building housing for the homeless: something magical happens when Los Angeles spends other people’s money.  In LA a $1.2 bil bond was passed to bld housing for the homeless ; for 10,00 people Now, it’ll be 7,400, but not one unit has been completed.  The cost of one unit is over $500,000!!  Exceeds the value of a one-bedroom condominium.  San Jose has outdone LA: in the middle of Silicon Valley; has bought 8’x10’ tool sheds, and Habitat for Humanity will assemble and carve in an opening for an HVAC unit; there are 40; no kitchen or bathroom. This will cost $700 per square foot – more than it costs to bld top-of-the-line housing anywhere in the US. A bed, table and chair.  Volunteer labor. The whole box cost $600 at retail.  Inhumane housing; $1.2 billion in bond money.  Those in power in California profess to be most sympathetic to the homeless, but every year this occurs on a grand scale.  What to do? Remove some of the obstacles to private development. Developers would begin to build new housing; those who could afford it would move in, and the old housing could be re-habbed for the homeless.