Jonathan Sacher on what to expect in overseas jurisdictions and how reinsurers should respond

May 08, 06:44 AM
In Part I, we focused on the UK Covid-19 landscape, from the perspective of the industry's potential liabilities. Jonathan praised the UK regulator for its “bold” and “sensible” approach and predicted the outcome will lead to less BI-related litigation. 

The second part of our interview proves an equally fascinating journey, as we look at the US where insurers face activist regulators and politicians, a plaintiff bar and potentially agreed policy holders in the world's most litigious society.

The co-head of the insurance practice at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner explains what he expects to see in other jurisdictions, how troubled the insurers should be about the moves in the states to retrofit coverage, what the long-term consequences of the disputes could be and whether there will be positive outcomes.

Listen to our fifteen minutes Best Policy interview part II with one of the London market's preeminent (re)insurance lawyers and experienced litigator...