The Phil & Simon Show No 47 The Garden is coming up, Rosie

May 08, 12:24 PM

Eclectic and top of their game. That is how you sum up this show’s guests. Comedian Rosie Jones is as funny and fun with us as she is on Channel 4s, Got Your Back. She’s moved back to her parents and gives us the lowdown. John Wallace has been a professional gardener for two decades and his thoughts just glide effortlessly in to sage advice. Alert to the news, Geoff Adams-Spink tells us about a form disabled people might need to fill in, to tell others they wish to live!

The comedy path for stand ups who have a disability has gotten easier in the last few years. That’s what Rosie Jones thinks. We think you also need a bundle of talent, skill and confidence and that’s what she has. She tells us about life back with her family, what she’s eating and what exercise she’s doing as well as her writing in her conference centre aka conservatory. 

Some say becoming a comedian is a calling, something you can’t resist. Being a gardener is clearly  John Wallace’s calling. He oozes excitement and knowledge, well he is a Horticultural Lecturer and a Landscape Gardener. He answers our listeners questions, gives some ideas of what plants to look for now. He has some ideas for how you can enjoy green fingers if you don’t have a garden or are on a limited budget. 

Since we started the news around Covid 19 and disability has been such a mixed bag. Geoff this week tells us of a form disabled people can fill in to give a hospital notice about their wishes. It’s both great and terrifying. There’s news from the US about an accessible format legal case which the UK government need to listen to, if their new track and trace app isn’t accessible to all. 

Landmark agreement on accessible online materials from US educational establishments

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