Mapping Out Our Belief System with Katie Hitchcock

May 09, 2020, 05:01 PM
Today on the show we have my rockstar creative soul-sister and fellow dirt goddess Katie Hitchcock. Katie is an energetic alignment coach and host of the podcast the common stitch.  She works with adventurous entrepreneurs to infuse purpose, profit and play into both their business’ and their life.  Katie is a unique blast of energy who brings forth powerful perspective on working with our energetic bodies to call forth more of what we want.  Her roots go deep in the outdoor adventure world and she bridges a fascinating gap of curiosity and exploration in the esoteric realm.

Today we jive about how to shape the foundation of our personal belief structure, recognizing what our true desires are and the lessons we’ve both learned from living a nomadic, seasonal life. Check it out!

Katie's Instagram: @katiedhitchcock