E15 Perspective is Everything: Transform your "Curse" into your "Driving Force" through Wellness and Fitness

May 10, 2020, 05:30 PM
We are privileged to have Ultra Champion and Ironman Triathlete, Julian Ho, as our guest on The True Act Podcast. Julian is the founder of 2.0 Toronto and Co-founder of BEI Vita, bringing wellness to businesses allowing their communities to thrive. 

In this 15th Episode, Julian shares how as a child he suffered from eczema and used this visible struggle as the driving force in becoming a successful athlete, innovator, and wellness guru. He also opens up about how his Mom, the driving force, his Dad, the optimist, and his twin brother, his healthy competitor, continue to play a key factor in his ability to turn a "curse" into a powerful tool. In turn, Sabrina shares how she connects deeply with Julian's story, as her past invisible struggle of depression and anxiety, was the fuel to her persistence early on in life. TUNE IN to learn more!

This innovative entrepreneur also reveals how his two businesses, 2.0 Toronto and BEI Vita, are bringing wellness to corporations: modernizing the workplace and bringing employees together as thriving communities.

Also, STAY TUNED 'till the end to hear his wise Call to Action, gently reminding us to continue nurturing the self through simple actions.

Don't forget to connect with Julian on Instagram @julianho.ca @2.0toronto