Becca Luger - Crumpet! Cakes and evolving to stay in business

May 11, 2020, 12:12 PM
In this episode, Nigel chats to Becca Luger, owner of Crumpet! Cakes, about the sudden cancellation of this year's festival season due to coronavirus and how the business is having to evolve to stay alive.

Nigel gets Becca's thoughts on:

  • How coronavirus is affecting sales at Crumpet! Cakes (0:55).
  • Taking the business online and learning new tools (2:54).
  • Moving forward after coronavirus (3:58).
  • How to evolve when dealing with a crisis (5:04).
  • Utilising business support services to facilitate change (6:16).
  • Benefiting from government support packages (7:31).

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