COVID-19 Fiasco - Is the government ignoring ICMR recommendations on lifting the lockdown?

May 14, 03:00 AM
Suno India in association with Article 14 and The Reporter’s Collective bring to you this exclusive podcast where the reporters Mridula Chari and Ankur Paliwal tell how the government of India continued to ignore ICMR’s parameters towards lifting the lockdown. 

A new investigation reported by Nitin Sethi and Mridula Chari of The Reporters's Collective reveals that a week after the Indian government coercively imposed a country-wide lockdown on March 24 to buy itself time to fight the Covid-19 crisis, its top scientists recommended a step-by-step scientific process that would lead to the lifting of the lockdown. They suggested how the government must monitor the spread of the virus and under what conditions it should relax the lockdown restrictions. Did the government follow that?

In this episode, Suno India editor, Padma Priya, spoke to Mridula Chari and Ankur Paliwal, independent journalists with Reporters Collective. You can read the investigative series in English on their website