Facing up to PRC predation in the First Island Chain. @JerryHendrixII

May 14, 04:11 AM
Image:  First and Second island chains. Public domain.

Jerry Hendrix, Center for a New American Security; VP, Telemus Group; NR: retired U.S. Navy captain; in re: Global Times, PLA newspaper: “Drills sparked  fear in Taiwan.”  Geography matters; in the Pacific , some islands are most important, Taiwan is the “cork” in the first island chain. To get the open Pacific, Chinese navy would have to go there. Pratas Island, Dongshan Island, is 500 mi SSE of Taiwan is the small island that PLA navy just threatened. Chancellorsville  FON sailing.  The US will sail wherever it wants to international waters.  Beijing’s oppression of Hong Kong has clarified how important US presence is.  Fremm frigate, built by Fincantieri (Italian)– any path that gets us to 355 ships will have to include frigates. https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1188267.shtml