The Blundering FBI Constabulary; & What is to be done? @RichardAEpstein

May 14, 2020, 05:52 PM
Image:  Major chess blunder: Mikhail Chigorin vs. Wilhelm SteinitzThis position is from game 23 of the 1892 World Championship in Havana, Cuba. Chigorin, playing White, is a piece up (Steinitz lost a knight for a pawn earlier in the game), but his bishop is forced to stay on d6 to protect both the rook on e7 and the pawn on h2. If he won, Chigorin would have tied the match and sent it to a tiebreaker game. After 31...Rcd2, he played 32. Bb4??. Steinitz replied 32...Rxh2+ and Chigorin immediately resigned (in light of the blind swine mate 33.Kg1 Rdg2#), losing the match. 

The Blundering FBI Constabulary & What is to be done? @RichardAEpstein