Hundreds of unmaskings of American civilians, all unremembered by the begetters in the last Administration. Victor Davis Hanson: @VDHanson

May 15, 02:41 AM
Image:  Theatrical masks of Tragedy and Comedy. Mosaic, Roman mosaic, 2nd century AD. Public domain

Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover, in re:  A list of dignitaries of the Obama Adm requested unmaskings in the last hours of the administration.  Suspicion that Mr Obama needs to speak on his possibly having conducted political surveillance.  Consistent with Fast and Furious.  Mr Obama has already attacked the messenger rather than the message. Why were so many people requesting unmasking—Samantha Power’s name asked for nearly 300 but she can't recall any. Mr Biden is said to have participated in the 5 January 2017 White House meeting, that he asked for [information] on General Flynn.  The only member of the entire bunch—Comey couldn't recall 240— who’s apparently suffering from cognitive impairment, which may be a good way for him to [exculpate himself].  The Russian ambassador.  

The world’s most populous nation with nukes deliberately didn't tell the world of an impending catastrophe. What can you do? Declare war on them? With Michael Bloomberg, who sends funding Chinese companies? Or Bill Gates, who said he thought the Chinese response was proper?  Americans know that the Chinese Communist Party is an enemy; Washington may not, but the populace does.