Acting with Jim Watson

Season 2, Episode 2,  May 18, 2020, 12:00 PM

Hey it’s Season 2 of the Hamilton Film podcast!  Every episode explores an exciting role of movie making; from producing, to acting, content creation, to film scoring.  Join me for an intimate conversation with a unique guest connected to the thriving film industry of Hamilton Ontario.  
Actor Jim Watson plays Dr. Theo Hunter on the new CTV medical drama, “Transplant”. He’s originally from North Bay, and over the past decade he’s had roles on many TV series filmed in Canada,  including SLASHER, THE STRAIN, and BETWEEN.  We chat about the process of landing a role on a network series, the perils of auditioning, the perks of being based in Hamilton, and what you need to know to play a Doctor on TV.  
Transplant airs Wednesdays on CTV, and you can stream it on the CTV app.  You can follow Jim Watson on Instagram and Twitter @realjimwatson

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