Leaving a LEGACY with Maria Taylor

May 15, 07:00 AM

Maria Taylor wants to bring the 'Mamba Mentality' to her broadcasting career and everything else she does in life as she's always striving to do more than the past generation because it's those people in the past that helped pave the way for her and why she's so focused now on leaving a legacy for the next generation helping co-found 'The Winning Edge Leadership Academy' and it's sports that prepared her for the adversity and failures you will face in life.

Show Notes:

  • Maria used to live in Chicago and loves watching "The Last Dance" to relive memories but was surprised by just how many issues the team faced
  • Even though she is a huge fan of Kobe Bryant's "Mamba Mentality", it seems that Michael Jordan was the originator
  • She wants to bring that same type of mamba mentality to her career in broadcasting and is willing to make sacrifices although some of those sacrifices might be changing due to the pandemic
  • It was a challenge for her being very tall early in high school but she eventually understood that her height was a big advantage in sports that helped her become accepted
  • Volleyball became her release because she started playing it for fun and soon her drive for basketball diminished because it felt like a chore
  • The relationships that she formed at the University of Georgia are the things that she cherishes the most from her time there
  • Sports prepared her to be ready once that red light goes in all aspects of her life outside of broadcasting
  • Mentors like Robin Roberts and Carla Williams helped play a major role in her success and she wanted to do the same for the next generation by co-founding "The Winning Edge Leadership Academy"
  • Words of Wisdom from Tom Maria Taylor: "You'll be remembered by how you make people feel."

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