The curve was flattened; mission accomplished. Scott W Atlas: @SWAtlasHoover

May 20, 04:27 AM
Image:  Map of national and subnational lockdowns as of 30 March 2020 (table; more details)   National lockdown: dark blue;   Subnational lockdown: pale blue;   No lockdown: gray. Public domain.

Scott W Atlas, Hoover and Stanford, in re: How the virus threat is received by politicians and officials.  We’ve achieved a flattened curve of hospitalizations early on. In New York City, still very much closed down.  The end of May is a bit long. Officials made decisions based on fear rather than [medical focus].  There was never hospital overcrowding in the US except in New York City. Now, ERs are laying off people because the public is afraid to go.  Paralysis of surgery and medical care. Half of needy Americans are not getting cancer care; 40% of new acute strokes not coming into ER. Two-thirds of cancer screenings not occurring.  Most childhood vaccinations not happening as parents are afraid. There never was, nor could be, stopping Covid infections entirely.  Half of people are asymptomatic.  The lockdown should have been in nursing homes. An unconscionable tragedy. Worse than bumbling.  Overall fatality of this disease is so low until you get to elders and vulnerable. Look at numbers from France, Spain, Netherlands and the US: lower than the regular flu for those under age 60. Care homes/nursing homes not protected from asymptomatic caregivers.   When you enter a nursing home with a patient not infected, there are people in there who are infected.  Entering a tinderbox.  Waiting seven weeks to address this—there’s something wrong with that judgment.   

Scott W Atlas, Hoover and Stanford, in re: Lessons learned through the weeks of the crisis. Schools in New York and London are shut; reopened in Israel. We have not given the appropriate assurance to parents of how [undangerous] this disease is to children: .02%.  Of 15,00o+ NYC deaths, only 8 were in people under 18, and all but one were due to underlying causes.   A child has far greater risk from influenza than from Covid-19.  Zero scientific basis for separating children in schools, and less for preventing them to engage in summer activities. Covid-19 is extremely low-risk for people under 18.  The facts are contrary to the evidence.