Dr Nick Capstick - Laptops for kids

May 20, 2020, 06:10 PM
In this episode, Nigel chats to Dr Nick Capstick, CEO of The White Horse Federation, about tackling the major issues with the digital divide in education.

Nigel gets Nick's thoughts on:

  • How tech supports communication skills development (0:43).
  • How can we work to bridge the digital divide? (1:18).
  • The power of featuring on the BBC (2:04).
  • The true scale of the problem (2:48).
  • Using 4G routers to bring internet into homes (4:26).
  • Technology and broadband is no longer a 'want' but a 'necessity' (5:21).
  • Blended learning and harnessing the power of new technology (6:35).
  • Is the traditional classroom format now a thing of the past? (8:20).
  • Government guidance and the inconsistencies between schools and their policies (9:00).
  • How we can all get involved with the 'Laptops for Kids' drive (10:14).

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