Turning Gold into Elite & TOTSSF Bundesliga #W35

May 20, 2020, 10:42 PM

Trading expert and content connoisseur Sean aka Elyyt stops by to join pro player and coach Skoldie and your regular host Ben to get into loads of TOTSSF Bundesliga and gameplay discussion:

  • Football returns (TOTW doesn't)
  • Ben’s Gold to Elite Weekend League tips — after struggling!
  • TOTSSF Bundesliga breakdown
  • Diego Carlos & De Jong TOTSSF reviews
  • TOTSSF Benzema and Griezmann also reviewed
  • Countinho SBC - worth it?
  • Bundesliga box-to-box dilemmas
  • Key things to understand around the TOTSSF market
  • Matching your play style to your players and system is key
  • Loads more!

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In that Extra Time pod:

  • A deeper dive into Gold to Elite Weekend League tips
  • Crucial player switching advice from coach Skoldie
  • Addressing some key misconceptions around WL matchmaking
  • Do injuries matter?
  • More discussion around the Rivals and Objectives issues