Outschool 101 The Ultimate Realm for Online Teaching

May 21, 2020, 09:47 PM

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Hey everyone!

This week's "Unicorn Teachers" podcast episode is all about Outschool! With this amazing company you can teach what you love and what you are passionate about, whether it’s Pokémon, superheroes, music, unicorns, and so much more! The sky is the limit! 

Outschool has been around for some time now, but with the 2020 school year being affected and with online teachers finding out about how amazing Outschool is, many more have jumped in recently. You get to set your own pay per student/class. Outschool does take 30%, as they are doing your ads for you and promoting your classes - so it's their fair share. If you want to charge $10/hr and have 5 students, then you would still get $35 for working 1 hour! It's truly awesome! 

Feel free to email me with any questions and I would be happy to help you as best I can. 

Let's connect! 😊
The goods - (linktree) https://bit.ly/2zR5LM2
Email: teacher.kasey1988@gmail.com
Join Outschool (Regardless of whether you are a parent or teacher, you get a $20 credit when joining, so your kiddos can take some fun classes and you can try it out!) Here is my referral link: https://bit.ly/35KQc4ioutschool