Window closing to China as the US decoupling accelerates. Patrick Tucker @DefTechPat

May 22, 12:20 AM
Image:  Laurasia, a portmanteau for Laurentia and Asia,was the more northern of two minor supercontinents (the other being Gondwana) that formed part of the Pangaea supercontinent from c. 425 million years ago = to 200 Mya. It separated from Gondwana 215 to 175 Mya during the breakup of Pangaea. Here: Animation of the rifting of Pangaea as today we see the decoupling of the CCP-controlled China from the ardently democratic United States. (

Patrick Tucker, @DefTechPat, Defense One technology editor;  in re:  DOD’s Top Scientist Shoots Down Airborne Lasers for Missile Defense.