The war between the states tilts to the Red as the Blue stalls. Victor Davis Hanson: @VDHanson @HooverInst

May 22, 02:23 AM
Image:  Maillot-style swimwear on the beach (1915) and on magazines (1916).

Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover and NRO and American Greatness; in re: Divides are red/blue, and lockdown vs let us be free. New York mayor has forbidden people to enter the ocean in the city under pain of police action; sent them to Long Island—which promptly refused the visits. In California, the lockdown is incoherent. Local small merchants are closed, but they can buy the same items in big box stores.   See that 99.996% of people will contract the virus; looks as though the people of decreeing they be locked in are those who collect a check no matter what (e.g., government employees).   What motive? To blame Donald Trump.  “Donald Trump is Herbert Hoover” —which won't happen if the economy opens up now. Probably will be in ascendance by October. Other, local bureaucrats, fear they've been mocked; have lost people’s respect and their own authority. Now, massive civil disobedience. Voters want a can-do, let’s go attitude.  The point of levelling the curve was to avoid swamping hospitals. Only after it became clear that governors and their minions demanded that everyone stay home till a vaccine was found did rebellion begin.