The forgetfulness of Joe Biden. Victor Davis Hanson: @VDHanson @HooverInst

May 22, 02:24 AM
Image:  Basements around the world:  Digging the basement under North Portico in 1950 during White House Truman reconstruction. Public domain.

Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover and NRO and American Greatness; in re: Judge Sullivan. Brutal abuse of power.  Will we deprived of the satisfaction of learning who was at that meeting and what occurred? The president apparently ordered that people surveille the next president.  The FBI asserted: there was no evidence of any crime.  “Russia” was a code-word for Crossfire Hurricane. Great fear that the new Administration would come in and find evidence of [illegality and malfeasance]. Joe Biden was at that meeting. He owes the American people an explanation of what he thought was going on. Do you expect Joe Biden to give a rational explanation?  No; I think he’s the only one who was there who in fact doesn’t remember.  Cognitive diminution.   American people don't want to elect someone in a fetal position. Amy Klobuchar has been asked if she’ll accept being vetted for the vice-presidency.