Biden's unexplained connections with China. Need transparency. @SebGorka

May 22, 04:19 AM
Image:  Chinese President Xi Jinping with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry, 25 September 2015. Public domain. 

Sebastian Gorka, America First radio, in re: China in the South China Sea. China respects strength, which is what Trump has. This election will be measured on: who is going stand up to China? The man who’s been friends with China for 30 years—the man whose son got $1.3 bil from the CCP for his fledgling hedge fund? The Susan Rice memo, 20 Jan 2017; agreement among the known characters to use the US national security apparatus against a citizen, General Flynn. And now the judge who’s delaying the DoJ direction, and today’s writ of mandamus (an order to do your job).   Bill Barr always chooses his words very carefully; like a surgeon’s scalpel.   We owe it to history to see that this never happens again. Only way to do that is to have complete transparency, including for our successors in a century or two.  There are two considerations: immoral, and illegal.