Clear Channel Presents Wellbeing x NABS

May 22, 2020, 08:39 AM
In the latest episode, Caroline Forbes and Lucy McKillop speak to Uzma Afridi and Annabel McCaffrey who work for NABS, the advertising industry’s charity dedicated to improving and supporting the wellbeing of everyone in the ad industry.

In the episode they discuss the history of NABs, practical advice on how someone in need might turn to NABS for support, as well as thoughts on how we’re all feeling in “lockdown”.

The NABS web address is so listeners can save it as a favourite
The NABS helpline is 0800 7076607
Their twitter is… @NABS_UK
The articles mentioned are… 
The one from refinery29 – 
And the one talking about what we’re experiencing is close to grief… 
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