A trillion here and there to nationalize the economy; "3d law of Democratic thermodynamics.” @DanHenninger

May 23, 02:20 AM
Image:  Charles Fourier, influential early French socialist thinker

Dan Henninger, @DanHenninger, WSJ editorial board & columnist, Wonder Land; in re: Joe Biden and his presidency. There’s a movement [among Democrats] toward nationalizing everything that anyone can reach—airlines, how we do business, everything. Three trillion dollars in a mind-numbing figure. One trillion that Mrs Pelosi wants to ship out the states: it’s about nationalizing the blue-state model of governments—supporting the public sector, and a welfare state (“Third law of Democratic thermodynamics: spending can expand to infinity.”)  Biden: “We have an opportunity to transform the economy.” The left has goals, strategy, game plan—to control this at the state level, and hope to control Senate.  It's about power and control.  Biden appointed Bernie Sanders and AOC to chair his committee on climate change. The left finds Klobuchar to be anathema.  Joe Biden: a leftie? a moderate? We don't know. He’s probably willing to do or say anything he needs to say. Will Trump be able to create a clear distinction between that and what Trump stands for?  -- “Nationalizing, a/k/a socialism.”