Having the blues: no travel, no haircut, and almost a billion to house homeless in the Ritz-Carlton. Jeff Bliss, @JCBliss

May 23, 02:21 AM
Image:  Official seal of City of Big Bear Lake

Jeff Bliss, @JCBliss, Pacific Watch, in re: California return to normality with cars on freeways.  Big Bear Lake, in San Bernardino Co., in winter has great skiing; in summer, lakeside camping and swimming.  Locals said to Governor Newsom: We have no obligation to go along with your restrictions; we’ll take care of our own business.  Small shops, boats rental, fishing; a lovely place to get away to for a weekend. Daniel Boone was filmed there. 

Governor asked for $750 million to buy hotels to house the homeless.  Some meetings were covertly taped: chance for the homeless-industrial complex to buy at lowest priced.   Many of these people are homeless because of substance abuse or mental illness; govt has not thought this through.  Oregon: Gov Brown forbad people to travel from a locked-down county to an unlocked-down county to get a haircut.  For laughs?  Citizens are saying, “This is ridiculous” and marching out. Once we threw tea into Boston Harbor; now, we get our hair cut.