Small business hits the bottom and starts back up. @GeneMarks @Guardian

May 23, 03:10 AM
Photo: Lithograph depicting a Free Trade Shop selling all sorts of imported goods, with an unemployed British workman standing outside being discussing the unattainable goods on display whilst the wealthy German owner, a member of the Cobden Club, addresses his Jewish (?) neighbour. In the distance a hunger march is being carried out by unemployed British labourers.

Text in the left corner:
"Eh ! John, but ain't they cheap?"
"Don't matter how cheap they are my wench, if yer ain't got the money to by'em".
Artist: Unknown Printer: Percival Jones Ltd Publisher: Imperial Tariff Committee Place of Production: Birmingham Date: c1905-c1910Persistent URL: misc 0519/91')
Date | 10 February 2009, 05:34
Source | A Free Trade Forecast
Author | Library of the London School of Economics and Political Science
Twitter: @BatchelorShow

Small business hits the bottom and starts back up. @GeneMarks @Guardian

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