One-party rule closes beaches and barbers; scares the voters @DevinNunes,

May 23, 03:19 AM
Image:  Barber pole, c. 1938, North Carolina Museum of History

Devin Nunes, @DevinNunes, CA-21, in re: Congressman’s podcasting. San Joaquin Valley, breadbasket of the Solar System.  Russiagate unsolved.  Tom Rooney was part of the Intell Committee in 2017-2018, did part of the heavy lifting. Durham investigation, Nunes Newscast: podcast has been our continued effort to get out from behind the iron grip of the state-run media; but news: California water—we have the majestic Sierra Nevada range; more water from the snowpack goes into California than the Colorado River has, but 80% of the mountain water goes wasted into the ocean. We have the most fertile land in the world and the best weather; but ag needs water.  
       Gov Newsom’s orders. We have something similar with Gov Cuomo, but on 34 Street, cars are on the street.  Store closed, but something is happening.   Over the last month, Newsom started picking winners and losers, a mistake.  Local govt went in, filled a skateboarders’ park with sand; opened some beaches—those of his friends—and kept others closed.  San Diego mayor will run against Newsom, who was ruthless against him but later cowered down.  Lake Tahoe, mixed blue and red; opened for bz a few weeks ago.  Napa Valley restaurants opened; San Joaquin Valley has been closed, even though we’ve had to work to feed animals and keep food on shelves.  But the big box stores were open while the small stores were closed. Eventually, people began to scream. Gov threatened one of my counties: “You’ve opened up? I won't give you money, or will take away your license to practice your trade.” We’re getting a first taste of hard-core, one-party rule; scary, has awakened a lot of people.