Sullivan Noronha on What It Is Like To Not Be a Kombucha Seller Anymore! 

Episode 6,  May 24, 2020, 01:36 PM

By all accounts, we are in the midst of one of the biggest economic slumps ever witnessed by current generations. And one of the biggest casualties of this big big dip, are jobs. 

In the third month of the lockdown, there will not be too many of us who have not heard or known of friends or relatives who have lost jobs as a result of the coronavirus-induced crisis. 

In this episode of the podcast we met Sullivan Noronha. 

Sullivan has just lost his job a week ago. 
Through our conversation with Sullivan we try to really get an insight into the turmoil one undergoes after the chop; an edgy experience which may well await so many more of us. 
Sullivan speaks about being handed the pink slip by his employer, a local brewery which manufactures craft beer and kombucha. He talks about breaking the news to his mum and managing the home which is dependent on Sullivan's income. He talks about letting go of plans he had made for the year. He also dwells on his savings, whether they would outlast his time in unemployment and several other dilemmas one faces after a job loss. 

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Host: Mayabhushan Nagvenkar 
Editing: Jeffrey Manuel

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