the Mad positivity podcast Episode #14 with jerry the beast east 2

Episode 14,  May 24, 2020, 02:15 PM

Jerry"The Beast " East 2

The Pos'Cast - Episode #14 with Jerry "The Beast" East, jerry is a multi gym owner, multi-property owner, Successful Businessman, Fitness entrepreneur and Mind Set Coach, as well as the bodybuilder owner of SAS and ABC gym in Essex, This Week jerry and myself, discuss what it's taken to sustain the empire jerry, has as well as the sacrifice on the way, his struggles and changes throughout the lockdown and how the industry will and has changed the future of fitness.  balance life and work and how to move forward in the fitness industry. Jerry's work ethic and can-do attitude has shaped the fitness industry in new forms as well as paved the way for an evolution that will rock the fitness industry.