Episode 142: Maria Elena Milagro De Hoyos, The Unwilling Corpse Bride With Special Guest Rachel O'Brien

May 25, 2020, 02:52 AM
Maria Elena Milagro De Hoyos, known as Elena, walked into a Key West hospital suffering from a fatal infection of tuberculosis. Instead of a cure, she found a radiologist named Karl Tanzler who instantly became obsessed with her. Although the affections were one sided, when Elena passed away a couple of months later, Karl just couldn't let his soulmate go. What he did next is unthinkable, and he never really paid a price for it.
Join Ash, Alaina and special guest, comedian Rachel O'brien, as we dig deep into Karl's crazy world.

Check out Rachel's pod/comedy! And make sure to watch out for her new upcoming podcast Seven Deadly Sinners!
Rachel O'brien Comedy

For a great article on this case written by one of our listeners, Addison Nugent, check it out on OZY.com!
The Woman of his Dreams Died, But He Didn't Let That Pull Them Apart

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