Janine Woodcock - 'Furlough Fear' and advice for business leaders

May 26, 2020, 10:51 AM
In this episode, Ian Mean talks to Janine Woodcock, Founder and Managing Director of Zingg Ltd, about the very real 'furlough fear' for employees and how business leaders can help create a positive experience.

Ian and Janine discuss:

  • The Furlough Fear Report (0:55).
  • A direct message for company leaders (1:53).
  • The difference between GOOD and BAD leadership (3:27).
  • The ONS statistics on furlough and the concerns of employees living through the process (4:42).
  • Mental health worries and how to overcome them (8:29).
  • The path back to work for employees who have been furloughed (10:00).
  • Is this the end of command and control leadership? (11:47).
  • Moving forward and retaining the positives from the current situation (13:04).

For further guidance and support, or to raise a particular question or concern please visit: www.tradingthroughcoronavirus.co.uk