Mulan Pt. 2

May 27, 06:00 AM
Who was Mulan and what does she symbolize beyond just a bad*ss warrior making her name in the emperor's army of Ancient China? This is the second episode in a special, two-part discussion on Mulan with the wonderful Giovanni Santiago--Gio for short--who, like Mulan is a true warrior, and our first male guest! 

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Gio Santiago is a transgender military veteran, activist and non-profit founder, and so much more. His connection with Mulan is one we are happy to be able to share with you during this two part special episode. To learn more about Gio, check out his instagram  @cockygio. 

This week's non-profit pairing is Gio's non-profit: META Center Inc. Join us in making a donation by visiting, together we achieve more. 

Interested in reading the translation of the Ballad of Mulan? Columbia University has a wonderful translation, find it here:
Hosted by Rachael Marr and Mindy Scott.
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