Conversations With Dez - featuring Stuart McIrvine, Director, Product Management, Broadcom

May 27, 2020, 06:11 AM
I had the pleasure of catching up once again with Stuart McIrvine, Director, Product Management forMainframe Security and Compliance; Mainframe Database Tools at Broadcom.
This is Stuart’s second guest appearance on the show. I also had the pleasure of catching up with Stuart recently in Pittsburg at the SHARE Mainframe user group event in America. If you have’t seen that interview please do tune in & check it out after you’ve listened to this podcast at the following link:
In his role as Director, Product Management for Mainframe Security and Compliance; Mainframe Database Tools at Broadcom, Stuart is responsible for leading the offering teams managing Security and Compliance as well as Database Tools; developing and leading strategy to ensure products meet customers’ needs and have competitive edge in the marketplace.
In this show, we discuss the latest news & updates from his team and the Broadcom Mainframes division - in particular mainframe security, and what security entails in a modern world living with an incredible lack of predictability as well as what Broadcom is doing to ensure an airtight security experience for their customers.
Key highlights in this show include:
- Current events/Secure Access Cloud Offering and how Broadcom Mainframe products ensure the security and monitoring of your mainframe
- Broadcom’s Symantec division and their free offer for a period of time, of their secure access cloud offering, which allows customers to come into the Symantec cloud service to ensure proper access to their network and mainframe; which is helpful when people are working from home esp. so a VPN doesn’t get overwhelmed
- Why Symantec’s secure access cloud is one of the most secure solutions, how it can be used to tightly control it gives users / staff access to with it’s application specific features, more so that than standard basic VPN offerings
- Broadcom mainframe components which tightly align with Secure Access Cloud to augment mainframe security such as CA AAM, CA TAMz and CA CEM, when combined can ensure that mainframe access is secure, properly monitored, and not overly elevated
- The ever present need for security cycle and how mainframe should be part of every enterprise strategy and the importance of ensuring that your mainframes are as well protected as your distributed systems
- The need to deliver proper access, ensure privileged users are managed, critical data is ID’d, unusual events are managed appropriately, and automation is used to aid routine, albeit important, tasks
- Broadcom’s Mainframe Security Centre (which is about understanding how mainframe network security is configured)
We also discuss why the mainframe is under a new types of pressure due to new and emerging technologies and business trends such as 5G, IoT, more mobile working, changes in the profile of what Security means today in context of 2020, both current state of the world given we’re currently dealing with life under a global pandemic with #COVID19, compounded by the fact that everyone effectively has a Star Trek “Tri-corder” in their hands that runs our lives – email / buying”.
And Stuart closes out the show by sharing his medium to long term views on key upcoming trends, challenges, opportunities, topics organisations should be talking about now, actioning, i.e. “orgs should be gearing up to have a 5G Strategy in place and be running PoC’s in 2020.
There is so much in this show for both Mainframe and Business decisoin makers we know you’re going to get a great deal from this conversation as well as key takeaways you can action right now.
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