‘Shikwa’ Isn’t Just Complaint If You Let Urdu Poems Inspire You

May 30, 2020, 04:57 PM
In this episode of Urdunama , we learn the relevance of the word 'shikwa' or 'complain' which Urdu poets, like Jaun Eliya, believe is a great signifier of attachment and expectations.

However, poets also warn that when the pain intensifies, and one goes through endless trials, the lamenting stops as well. And when it does, it takes the form of hopelessness.

Which is why, we have curated a poetic remedy for a broken heart, prescribed by Urdu poets who tell us that it’s okay to complain a little as long as we know where it leads us to.

Vocals: Ushosee Pal
Guitar: Nabarun Pal
Host, Writer and Sound Designer: Fabeha Syed
Editor: Shelly Walia
Music: Big Bang Fuzz