#11 The Murder of Stephen Goff

Jun 01, 04:03 AM
“Something terrible has happened…”
Early one Sunday morning, a young wife and mother from the Ozarks rises from her bed to help her husband get ready for work. That’s when she finds him on their living room floor, collapsed in a pool of blood – his skull shattered.

Trapped in a living nightmare that she cannot understand, Belynda Goff is arrested, charged and convicted for the brutal but mysterious murder of her husband – a man who died with secrets that may yet explain his horrible fate. But there’s just one problem: She swears she didn’t do it.

A real-life Arkansas murder mystery, THE MURDER OF STEPHEN GOFF is a shocking and moving story about violence, bad decisions and one woman's strength in the face of devastating adversity. 
ALSO – All of the shocking details of the incredible MANHUNT of a HOMICIDAL MANIAC in the Northeast, as well as the heartbreaking story of a young woman from Omaha who went on Tinder swiped right on a PSYCHOPATH.

Featuring an interview with legendary Arkansas journalist Mike Masterson, hear all the shocking details of this incredible true-crime story on a brand-new episode of THIS WEEK IN MURDER!