US withdrawal of financial privileges from Hong Kong could sink the mainland economy. @GordonGChang

Jun 02, 02:24 AM
Image:  The public dining hall (canteen) of people's commune.

Prof Arthur, and Gordon Chang, in re:  Hong Kong. UK to issue 300,000 visas for entry. Broken trust with Mainland on the treaty.   The regime is desperate; the editor’s tweet is absurd. HK protestors love the US.  Will not visit the US to foment violence.   US is pushing an assembly of English-speaking nations to rebuke China.  Stalin in WWI: “Never forget the resiliency of democracies”!  US  has just brought a sledgehammer down on the ___ after we’ve tried so hard to help China become [a free nation].  The effect of the US removing status of Hong Kong is catastrophic to China, which is thrown into confusion. Elimination of a whole series of financial perks, which will destroy the value of the Chinese currency. China was not expecting the US to welcome a huge number of Hong Kongers.  After a while we get tired of being pushed and start to do things.    George Bush was a liar, saying that he thought T`ien An Men was terrible He sent Brent Scowcroft who assured Dung that the US’s moves were nothing to worry about; “We’ve got your back.”